The Nielsen Lab is located at 4134 Valley Life Sciences Building at UC Berkeley. We are currently recruiting new postdocs and students for the lab. If you are passionate about any of the areas of research discussed here and interested in joining the lab, then please send an email to Rasmus.


We often host self-funded visitors interested in joining us for collaborative research for a shorter or longer period. For UC Berkeley rules for visiting researchers, please see here.

Postdoctoral fellows

We are seeking new postdocs in all areas of research, but we are particularly interested in researchers with a strong background in computation and statistics and interested in methods development.

Graduate students

Graduate students in the lab join from three different programs at UC Berkeley:

  1. Computational Biology. This program is suitable if you have a mixed background in biology and computation/statistics and you think a program with rotations between different labs in the first year is preferable.
  2. Integrative Biology . This program is suitable if you have a strong background in biology and you are not interested in lab rotations.
  3. Statistics. This program is suitable if your undergraduate degree is in statistics or math with an emphasis on probability and statistics, and if you want to pursue rigorous training in statistics during your graduate studies.

Undergraduate Students

We welcome undergraduate students interested in pursuing mentored research. The ideal student should be familiar with basic biology, be able to program well in at least one language such a Python, and have completed advanced coursework in statistics including Stat 134 and Stat 135 or equivalent. It is usually difficult for us to find suitable projects for students interested in anthropology or biology, but with no statistical or computational training.